Enhance your customers' website experience
Enhance your customers' website experience. Give your customers a wide range of accessibility features with AccessAngel


Text To Speech

AccessAngel provides a seamless content reading experience across your website.

text to speech icon

Key Features include

  • All website written content read aloud in a natural voice
  • Over 40 different language options
  • Two options for reading back; Speak on Hover or Speak Only Highlighted
  • Customise the voice by male, female or neutral tones

Speech Recognition

Open up new ways for your customers to communicate with you from contact forms to live chat sessions.

Speech Recognition Icon

Key Features include

  • Highly accurate recognition
  • Dictate in over 100 different languages
  • Use speech recognition to input text into fields on your website

Page Translation

AccessAngel gives access to your content to those who have English as a second language by translating all of your written content. Open up your business to an international audience.

Page Translation Icon

Key Features include

  • Combines with Speech Recognition for highly accurate dictation in different languages
  • Native Text to Speech voices can read back content with correct pronunciations
  • Written translation into over 100 different languages

Magnification & Reading

Provide a variety of magnification and reading options to your website visitors.

Magnification Icon

Key Features include

  • Draggable magnification window with levels of 50-500%
  • Magnification window can be enlarged to cover the whole webpage
  • Full screen masking in colours and opacity of choice
  • Reading Ruler customisation of; size, colour and opacity
  • Pinhole Ruler customisation of; size, colour and opacity

Text Styling

Allow your website visitors to customise the text to a font, colour and spacing preference to meet their needs.

Text Options Icon

Key Features include

  • Increase and decrease text size
  • Choose from 14 different fonts
  • Increase and decrease both line and letter spacing